Bikes of all sizes and shapes are great for commuting. However, most are not portable enough to carry around. The biggest complaint about bicycles has been their awkward shape and how big they are to carry around when not riding. However, with the invention of foldable bike, you can now have a bike that is easy to carry and store. 

So, what are folding bikes and how do they work? 

Folding bicycles are a kind of bike that folds compactly minimizing storage space. The bikes fold into compact units that are easy to store and transport. When bikes fold, they offer a new kind of versatility that lacks with normal bikes. The bikes fold into compact units that can fit in car trunks, trains, and buses. They offer a lot of conveniences when it comes to moving them from one place to another. Storage also becomes easier since they take minimal space. 

How folding bikes work 

Folding bikes feature a unique frame structure that can fold into a compact box-like shape. They feature a unique design that alters the core characteristic of bikes. This can lead to a slightly different biking experience than normal bikes. However, the trade-off is worth considering the convenience that comes with folding bikes. 

The bikes vary depending on the folding mechanism. Most designs compact together with tires sitting on the same side. This creates a compact circular space. Other parts like the seat post and handlebars also break down in different ways to create an overall compact bike unit. 

There is a minimal learning curve on folding and unfolding these bikes. People need just a few practices and they are good to enjoy their rides with convenience.